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Message from the New Haven Section Chair

Michelangelo, DaVinci, Einstein, Madam Curie, the Wright Brothers; what do these people have in common (besides the fact that they are no longer with us)? If you read any of the biographies available on these notable people from the past, you will find that they share an insatiable sense of curiosity. This curiosity drove them to question and explore the world around them and the results were nothing less than spectacular. I am sure that any one of you can come up with your own such list of influential people.
Another career field where curiosity is essential is that of the police detective. Their curiosity gene helps them patiently look for answers until they solve the crimes. They take clues to put together a theory, interrogate suspects in order to prove the theory, and with any luck find the causes of a crime. I see this as data collection and analysis, auditing (asking questions), and root cause analysis.
To those of us in the Quality field, we should also use this sense of curiosity that we share to constantly question our own little portion of the world with the patience and determination. We should be using the detective and the open mind of those explorers and inventors to come up with solutions to those problems big and small that challenge us daily. You probably won’t paint a masterpiece, change the world of physics, or invent the airplane, but you’ll never know!
Bill Folsom
Chair, New Haven Section ASQ