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Message from the New Haven Section Chair

January 2021

Looking to see a much better year than 2020, heck right now not much can go worse. Looking to collaborate with APICS on zoom meetings, the one scheduled with Joe Defeo of the Juran Institute this month should be great. If you haven’t gone or Zoomed to a meeting with Joe you’re in for a treat. The man is amazing and full of Quality knowledge. He has a fine speaking voice and quickly reels you into whatever he wishes to discuss. I always enjoy watching this guy in action. In February, another great speaker Michel Ford will be talking about Life Long Lessons Learned. He’s another very gifted speaker with a very accomplished background in quality and engineering. I was at a seminar he gave a few years back where he got everyone involved with some fine discussions on a variety of poignant topics that made you think. I am hoping in the months to follow we can Zoom in Laurence Bush on Steamships. Last year the Covid pandemic stopped us all in our tracks, so maybe this year we can hear the man out. Of late, we have become Zoom experts, which may in the long run be our mainstay of operations for meeting attendance. I have to assume when Covid is under control we can carry out our regular dinner meetings with a Zoom link up as well. See how we can get it done with our Zoom Master Don Wilson. Incidentally, we may be lucky to see another Water Company meeting this spring in the Zoom environment. There was another great learning experience for many of us. Well I hope everyone is staying safe and watching for when it’s your turn in line to get that awesome well engineered vaccine. I said this before this vaccine is an absolute miracle to be ready for use in such quick order almost a if its was a divine event. I know many of us may have lost loved ones and friends this past year so wherever we can push to move ahead with this vaccine the better for those you know who may be prime comorbidity targets…So remember to assure social distancing and wear that mask!!!

Larry Spinello ASQ New Haven Section Chair