Over the last two years ASQ has been engaged in the largest transformation of the organization since it was formed in 1946.  The path has not always been smooth or transparent as evidenced by the following commentary by ASQ member Dan Burrows. You can participate in ASQ's Annual Meeting (online) on October 14 by registering on your myASQ account and make your own evaluation.

The ASQ Board and ASQ HQ insiders are in the final stages of splitting ASQ in half to create their own separate business association using our Society’s money and content.  It is up to us as ASQ Members to stop this and restore ASQ to its mission of serving our members. The future of ASQ is at stake.  ASQ has lost tens of thousands of members and millions of dollars under the ill-conceived ASQ Transformation pushed on our Society by the ASQ Board and ASQ HQ without a single Member vote.  What value remains of ASQ is being stripped from ASQ and handed over to ASQExcellence, which is a separate business association, created by ASQ Board and ASQ HQ insiders to start up a pseudo-business using our Society’s money and intellectual property.

To add insult to our intelligence, we are being told that splitting ASQExcellence off of ASQ is necessary in order to preserve the 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status of ASQ.  What is not being revealed is the fact that ASQ recently passed an audit by the IRS where ASQ received a "no change" ruling confirming ASQ’s full compliance with the tax code.  What is also not being revealed is that for the past two years, the ASQ Board and ASQ HQ have been filing tax forms that declare ASQ’s certification and training to be unrelated business revenue and therefore taxable in order to create a crisis to justify their illegitimate actions.  The ASQ Board and ASQ HQ have intentionally changed how ASQ classifies revenue to create the false need to split ASQ in half. 

We are also being told that this was all done “at arm’s length”, but the Board member who made the motion to create ASQ Excellence, Daniella Picciotti, now presides as the Chair of ASQExcellence and ASQ’s Interim CEO who presented the path to accomplish splitting off ASQExcellence, Jim Templin, is now CEO of ASQExcellence.  This is not at arm’s length, this is a bear hug transferring ASQ’s revenue streams and intellectual property that should have been valued at $42M to ASQExcellence for only $8.4M and the ASQ Board even loaned ASQExcellence the money to get started

Where does this leave ASQ? The shell of what is left of ASQ is little more than a headquarters office in Milwaukee staffed by layers of overpaid bureaucratic management issuing edicts to Sections and Divisions.  ASQ HQ works for us, the Members of ASQ, not the other way around and ASQ HQ continues to spend millions more than it takes in, so there is no money left to serve Members and fund Sections and Divisions while ASQ HQ serves itself. If you are a regular Member, all that you now see are ASQExcellence spam emails and banner ads trying to sell you something instead of serve you. If you are a Section leader, you have seen the ASQ Board centralize your funds, then reduce your Section funding to a fraction of what the dues policy requires, and now completely suspend funding of Sections.  You are being slowly (sometimes quickly) starved out.  Fifteen Sections have been dissolved by the ASQ Board in just the past year.

If you are a Division leader, you have also seen your funds centralized and then transferred to cover ASQ HQ losses and your funding suspended as well.  You are now being informed that ASQExcellence owns the rights to the certification content and training courses that you and your Division volunteers created.  Some Divisions are now being told that they can no longer even teach the very courses that they created.  You no longer serve your Division members since your edict is now to generate content that will be handed over to ASQExcellence to package and sell to corporations.  You are little more than unpaid laborers in the eyes of the ASQ Board, ASQ HQ, and ASQExcellence.  The only way to stop this and restore ASQ is to amend ASQ’s Bylaws. Please also join the conversation concerning the future of ASQ at the Restore ASQ LinkedIn group: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13805073/

Lastly, please sign up for the ASQ Meeting to be held on October 14 at 11:30 a.m. Central Time.  If questions are allowed, ask the tough questions about what the ASQ Board and ASQ HQ are really doing to our Society: https://asq.org/events/annual-meeting.

Message from the New Haven Section Chair


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