Message from the New Haven Section Chair


September marks the beginning of another program year for ASQ New Haven. The Section leadership has been working closely with our colleagues at APICS to create a set of programs from now through May that should be both informative and entertaining. The schedule will be available in this newsletter and on our Section website. If you are new to the Section, I’d like to welcome you and invite you to attend the meetings. At the meetings you can network with your peers in the quality field, pick up some information that might help you develop both personally and job-wise, and if you are certified collect those all-important recertification units.
We found out recently that ASQ is being audited by the IRS for fiscal year 2017. ASQ Headquarters called on all the membership groups to provide fiscal information relating to that year and we have complied. The New Haven Section is relatively small and our finances are uncomplicated. I imagine that the larger Sections like New York Metro, Boston, and North Jersey are more affected by a data call like this. I’ll pass along news on the progress of the audit as it becomes available.
In Quality Progress magazine, a recent cover story dealt with whether you should be doing “continuous” improvement or “continual” improvement. To my way of thinking, this is a potato-potahto controversy. Like the song said; let’s call the whole thing off! If your quality management system is developed to the point where this makes a lick of difference, then good for you. There is so much that needs to get done before there is any need to be concerned about word definitions. Processes, procedures, employee training, calibration, supplier control, internal auditing all come to mind. I’m sure you could come up with your own list.
I’ll close by reminding you that this is your New Haven Section, and to take full advantage of that we would welcome you to the Senior Leadership Committee if you are interested in helping to run the Section. It is all volunteer work, does not take too much time out of your month, and it is just one more way to collect those recertification units. I hope to see you at some meetings this year.

Bill Folsom, Chair, New Haven ASQ