Section 305

February 2018 - Message from the New Haven Section Chair

Nine months or less. If your organization hasn’t already done so, that is how much time you have to make the transition to the ISO 9001-2015 standard. If you have already made the change and your QMS is successfully operating, kudos to you.

 Since the new standard was released in 2015, ASQ has been providing a wealth of information on the update process, planning for and implementing the standard, what the registrars will be looking for, etc. As a member of ASQ, you have access to webinars, courses, books, articles, and videos designed to make the switch as easy as possible. January’s issue of Quality Progress contains references to all of these resources.

If your organization is not required by customers, regulatory agencies, or other stakeholders to have the ISO registration, there are some benefits to be had by aligning your business practices with the standard. Studies have shown that there is improved operational results and a positive effect on safety and workplace injury metrics in those companies implementing the standard. These studies also show that the more effectively that management deploys and maintains the standard via the QMS, the better the results are in the operational measurements. That should not be a surprise to those of us in the Quality field.

Join us this month as we visit Spectrum Associates in Milford. This is a company that has already made the changeover to ISO 9001:2015, so take advantage of this opportunity to find out how Bob Salerno and his team have made Spectrum a sixty-year success story.


Bill Folsom

Section Chair, NHS ASQ