Section 305

Message from the New Haven Section Chair


I hope you are able to join us this month as we meet with our APCIS colleagues and hear what will no doubt be an interesting presentation from Dr. Joe DeFeo, CEO of Juran. The supplier management topic is always thought-provoking; do we treat our suppliers like part of the family or like bitter enemies?  The truth probably lies somewhere in between. When things are going without a hitch they are friends and partners. When defective product is discovered, or a new contract is being negotiated, things can get pretty tense. An effective supplier management system can set the ground rules so that when these disputes erupt, they are resolved with as little bloodshed as possible. In the 32 years I worked for the government, I got to observe the operation of just about every type of supplier management system. There was the two-person operation that just looked for the cheapest supplier out there, up through the large aerospace company that had a complex supplier organization with a rating system based on 20 or so elements, most of which were not quality related. As in most of the relationships we deal with, the important factor in dealing with suppliers is communication. Do we state our requirements clearly, and is the supplier confident enough to ask questions if there is something they don’t understand? There are so many factors in these interactions and Dr. DeFeo will try to help us break the code.

So, another year has gone by. Now we’re in the season where the weather can affect our meetings, as we saw in November. We’ve been lucky so far, but this is New England after all. This month starts my final year as Section Chair. If you have ever had the desire to hold a position in the Section, now is the time to come forward. The New Haven Section is always looking for volunteers to help run the Section, and I promise it does not take too much of your time to help out. Thank you all for your support in 2018, and I look forward to seeing you in 2019.


--Bill Folsom, Chair, New Haven ASQ