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Dec 2018 - Upcoming Events

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There's never been a better time to embrace lean and become more competitive in today's global economy. With lean essentials from ASQ, you'll learn to improve efficiency, increase productivity, and empower workers using lean tools.

Lean Essentials is a powerhouse of six of ASQ's most informative lean training modules:

•             Introduction to Lean Principles
•             Value Stream Mapping
•             Problem Solving Using A3
•             Gemba—Going to the source
•             Kaizen
•             5S
At your own pace, Lean Essentials will demonstrate:
•             The fundamental principles of lean
•             How kaizen can be used to create a culture of engagement and continuous improvement
•             How 5S can be used to create a high-performance workplace that promotes efficiency
•             How value stream mapping can be used to uncover waste and improve the flow of materials and information throughout production
•             How A3 can be used as a process and a tool for problem solving
•             How the gemba can be internalized as a powerful focal point in a lean organizational culture
•             And much, much more!

FOR ONE LOW PRICE!Members: $99; List: $139


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