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The ASQ transformation was born out of concern that the Society was not keeping pace with members’ needs in today’s complex and competitive environment, creating an impediment to growth. Some of the changes proposed for ASQ include technical communities being restructured into three categories by industry or topic. These include Products and Services, Infrastructure and Resources, and Monitoring and Measurement. Section affairs will transition to a new geographic communities council (GCC) structure.…Stop by 91 Diner this month and hear Mike explain it all to you in convincing and concise language.​


Time: Networking: 5:00;

Dinner: 5:30; Meeting: 6:30

Meal: Beef, Fish, or Chicken entree

Cost: $25.00

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Our board consists of quality professionals who have decades of experience in managing quality departments, knowledge on quality subject matter and tools.

Next Meeting -  24 May 2018

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Our Mission is to provide Networking, Communication and Development Opportunities to support Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities in Quality Principles and Concepts to our members

What's more important than a deadline? Nothing.

Reach out to Bill Folsom by email: asqguy@gmail.com if you have specific re-certification questions.

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