The Regional Water Authority (RWA) is a mission-driven, conscious, nonprofit utility with a common purpose to make life better for people by delivering water for life. Their commitment to delivering clean, safe, reliable and affordable water and other services every day to more than 430,000 customers is the found-ation of their company. They employ over 270 employees with diverse backgrounds performing in many different work areas.

RWA’s culture encourages both the inspiration and motivation to achieve amazing things. As the RWA continues to transform into a 21st-century environmental services company, technology and innovation will be vital. They are committed to employment practices that promote individual and organizational excellence by offering training and professional development opportunities to support their success, competitive pay practices that value their skill and contribution all in accordance with federal and state laws.History: When New Haven was settled in 1638, the first colonists depended on rivers and shallow, hand dug wells for water. By 1849, with the expansion of business and the need for fire protection, it became obvious these sources were not adequate or reliable for water supply. A group of prominent citizens approached the Connecticut legislature and received a charter to form the New Haven Water Company (NHWC) to supply the City of New Haven with pure water for public and domestic use. After ​years of trying to raise money for this new system, people turned to Eli Whitney to assist with building a waterworks.In 1859, Whitney began construction of a dam that backed up the Mill River for miles and formed a reservoir, appropriately named Lake Whitney. Distribution of water to the residents of New Haven began on January 1, 1862. As the city grew into a metropolitan region, the NHWC added to its sources to provide the area with water for the rest of the century. Lake Gaillard in North Branford took five years to complete, and the water company continued to expand its system. The NHWC laid new pipeline and acquired smaller companies, keeping pace with New Haven’s growing suburbs. The company also continued to purchase land to protect the drinking water watersheds. In 1977, state legislature created the South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority which purchased the assets of the NHWC in 1980, and the rest is history

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